produccion musica sonido podcast eaglanroad
produccion musica sonido podcast eaglanroad
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At Eaglandroad, adaptation defines us …creating unique and extraordinaire results in every project. Our inspiration is in the world that surrounds us, with nature being the place that fills us with the eagerness, passion and enthusiasm we pour into every piece we create to add color to each project that goes through our studio; whether they are documentaries, TV programs, cultural or family videos, TV series,  post-production audio projects, or passionate stories in a podcast format.

Podcast 360 ®

We are the creators of Podcast 360, which was born out of the enthusiasm we have in telling stories and capturing them from a different perspective; finding a new sound that can come from anywhere, even from behind the listener, involving and including them in the story, in the story that you want to take into the podcast world.

The magic of the Podcast 360 allows listeners to create images in their mind, it is a theater play taken to the world of sound, where stories of mystery, adventure, horror, and science fiction can take part in daily life. The Podcast 360 was born out of our great passion for radio and from a genre that seems lost in time, but that is more alive than ever: Drama (dramatization).

produccion musica sonido podcast 360
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