produccion musica sonido podcast eaglanroad equipo
produccion musica sonido podcast eaglanroad equipo
We give each project its own voice

Sound and our surroundings are our inspiration

Our inspiration is born from the wind, the frost, the warmth of a winter fire, the sun rising in summer mornings, from the sound produced by the dew drops, the silence that is full of tiny notes that tells the story of a world that lives, that moves, that is beating and waiting to be found by someone who will give it  voice.  From the smaller things that pass by unnoticed arise unique ideas that fill the senses of silence. Each project is one of a kind, with its own voice. We take care of paying attention and listening to what it tries to tell us, and we give it music, sound and the voice it needs to make sense and be heard.

produccion musica sonido podcast profesional
produccion musica sonido podcast profesional

That project based on teamwork, made up of professionals with over 25 years experience in the sound and musical fields, that love what they do and work with a passion, aiming at professional excellence. The creative talent cultivated in a magical environment where inspiration grows, nourishing the great  excitement we pour into every project, with the main goal of achieving quality results, where innovation, knowledge and the essence of our surroundings, product of the enthusiasm we have in everything we do, gives color to the soul of every project we take on.

Musicians don’t retire, they stop when there’s no music left in them
produccion sonido musica madrid

The Eaglanroad studios are located in Madrid’s northeastern sierra mountains.  The location was picked because it is the team’s common residence and specially because of its proximity to Madrid, making it easy to access many producers that are based in the city and the commercial delegates that are related to the audiovisual field.

The residence is a place that allows us to be in touch with nature, with a sensation of being isolated, helping our creative side within a unique environment that moves our new business project. Our studios are equipped with the latest technology to cater to the most demanding projects.  Eaglanroad was born with the determination of being heard and to be listened.

Meet the entire team

David Alejandro Gen
David Alejandro Gen Creative Director | Audiovisual Producer
Jaime Canabal
Jaime CanabalEAGLANROAD CEO | TV and Movie Music Composer | Sound Engineer
Santi Vega
Santi VegaTV and Movie Music Composer | Nominated for 2 Goya Awards for Best Original Score